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Natural Taste Never Been So GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD !!!

Creamy tangy tasting with health boosting vitamins and minerals and low calorie content is what describes our premium fresh yogurt. Our yogurt are made fresh daily with real locally obtained fruits, cultured and enriched with health promoting microorganism:Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Steptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bifidobacteria.

At Taste-Better, our passion is bringing together the finest premium probiotic yogurt, exquisite exotic fruits, and yummy toppings for an delightful, guilt-free indulgence experience.

Daring and innovative, we integrate popular local fruits, such as Dragon fruit and Durian, to create the most unique flavor that cannot be found in other places. Improved to satisfy high demands of Asian population, our yogurt not only carries the signature creamy tangy flavor widely accepted in Asian countries, but also brings in health boosting live cultures that promotes the health of digestive tracts.

Bakery Puff with a difference—One Bite Puff

Fresh Yogurt Puffs
Our fresh yogurt One-Bite puffs are one of most awesome creations from our bakery. Crispy on the outside, soft and filled with healthy yogurt inside. With the aroma of freshly baked puff, combining with refreshing and healthy Fresh yogurt with Live Culture fillings, creates the only signature Puff in town : The One-Bite yogurt puffs. .
Don’t Miss it !
(Gentle reminder: Beware when consume our specially prepared puff: Please put our juicy yogurt puff in your mouth and enjoy the taste of Fresh yogurt melting in your tounge tingering with freshly baked puff.)

Durian Puffs
After the widely accepted yogurt puff, we introduce Durian puff to our Durian lovers. Carries the unique signature outer crispy shells, the durian puff has the most delicious Fresh durian stuff you had ever experienced! The unique durian fillings are made with fresh premium durian obtained from local durian plantation with famous breeds like D101. With each bite, you will experience the explosion of rich natural durian flavor and aroma, packed in crispy outer puff shell. Definitely a must try for durian lovers!



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