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Our Fresh Yogurt with Live culture
We are the first to develop innovative fermentation technology to maintain LIVE probiotic cultures in our Freshly prepared yogurt Creamy, tangy, tasty containing health and immune boosting Live Probiotic Cultures (Lactobacillus and Bifidus culture ) is served in our premium fresh yogurt with Live culture Ice-cream with toppings.

Our yogurt are prepared fresh daily and served with exotic fresh fruits slices like Kiwi or strawberry fruits and other nutty toppings. Our yogurt enriched with health promoting microorganism: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria are able to sustain acidic digestive system and colonise in intestine. Many researches have found this live culture will help enhance body immune system and increase body resistance to minor ailments.

At Taste-Better, our passion is bringing together the finest Live probiotic yogurt, exquisite exotic fruits, and yummy toppings for an delightful, guilt-free indulgence experience.

Daring and innovative, we integrate popular local fruits, such as Dragon fruit and Durian, to create the most unique natural flavor that cannot be found else where. Improverised to satisfy , our yogurt not only carries the signature creamy tangy natural fresh fruit note widely accepted in Asian countries, but also brings in health boosting live cultures that promotes the health of digestive tracts.

Who We Are?
Taste-Better always in the process of innovate and redefine itself to always recreate the “better taste” experience. Hence, our company motto, “Better taste with Taste Better”.

Our Mission with a Taste
To make, distribute & sell the finest quality all Non-fat Yogurt products with a continued
commitment to incorporating wholesome,
natural ingredients to serve those health-conscious consumer who want to eat well and healthy.
Taste Better (M) Sdn Bhd, an downstream
operation of Eonlipids Sdn. Bhd., as it's nature of business has direct access to general public, will able to feed back the consumer taste and requirement to Eonlipids and resulted to better taste product being produced from time to time.
Our Services with uniqueness
Come , create and experience your unique yogurt treat with a variety of original healthy fresh yogurt and fresh Fruit stuffed ice-cream, and add to your favorite yogurt, fruity slices, healthy nuts and special toppings. After that, kick back, relax and enjoy in our friendly laid-back environment offering free wireless internet.

Guilt Free Indulgence
Hidden Health Benefits in Taste Better

Gone were the days when yummy and tasty is not healthy, we have make use of the advances in food researches to bring you these Hidden Health Benefits Inside Taste Better finely crafted Health Menu

Come and discover a host of hidden healthy benefits that you will receive when you relax and enjoy your Guilt Free Indulgences in Taste Better Outlet

1. Live culture Probiotics
Our probiotic live culture yogurt is a good source of live live Lactobacillus and Bifidium probiotic that can withstand the acidic gastric guts and substain to colonise your intestine to give you all goodness of probiotics.

2. Antioxidants and Carotenoids from fresh fruits

Guilt Free Indulgence
Fruits with Antioxidant and phytonutrients from nuts
We use only finely selected fresh fruit that preserve all the nature’s goodness like Kiwifruit which is high in dietary fibre and Vit C and a wholesome of other phytonutrients.
Dragon fruits(Pittaya Fruits)high in antioxidant and polyunsaturated fatty acids
Strawberry-high in Vit C and other flavonoids.
Durians-a signature of fruits’s with wholesome of wellness which made many Asian addicted to its rich creamy flavor.
Taste Better has successfully incorporate fresh durian into soft serve ice-cream which is wellknown as the best durian dessert in town.
Nutty Benefits
Almond- for its monosaturated fats that helps lower LDL- cholesterol(bad cholesterol)
Overall Health Summary for Yogurt with Live cuture and exotic toppings
1. enhance digestion
2. help prevent osteoporosis
3. reduce gut inflammation
4. boost immune system
5. lower risk of some cancer
6. increase mineral absorption esp Calcium intake
7. help synthesize certain B-vitamins
8. reduce risk of high blood pressure
9. lower blood LDL cholesterol level
10. reduce acne and improve skin complexion


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